Private Car Collection
Sunday 17 October 2010

Hollycombe Steam Collection
Sunday 1 August 2010

Mark's Car Treaure Hunt
Tuesday 6 July 2010

Hinton Ampner - Picnic & Cream Tea
Sunday 27 June 2010

Cricket St Thomas Weekend
23 - 26 April 2010

Arundel Castle - Picnic & Gathering
Sunday 11 April 2010

Goodwood Track Day
Sunday 6 March 2010

Jamie and I set off to the track at 8.00a.m. When we arrived there were a lot of MG's there already, two new models as well as a Porshe 911, a GT2 and a great little Lotus.

Sadly there was not a full track but the twenty or so cars there got more track time. With 2.5 miles of track without a pot hole in sight it was like being in heaven. After the briefing and noise testing was out the way we all got a go on a great drivers track.

It took a few laps to settle down and get used to going 70 miles per hour around Madgwick, yes 70 miles per hour around a bend? 50mph around Lavant and over 100mph up the straight. The ZR seemed to be glued to the track, no roll and I even passed a ZT!

With the day coming to an end, a tank of fuel and 170 more miles on the clock after some seventy laps Jamie and I bought some photos of the old girl on the track. A big thank you must go to Andy, Annie and Jim, if not for them the day would not have been possible. If you have not been on a track day book up for next year, it is a must for your MG if not for you.

Did I mention the pot hole within one mile of leaving Goodwood we hit a big one kurbing the wheel, can you believe it?

Jamie & Nick

Article courtesy of 'Classic American Magazine'.