Christmas Dinner
Tuesday 1 December 2009

Hinton Ampner House & Garden - Run & Picnic
Sunday 18 October 2009

Our run started from Petersfield lake on a nice sunny autumn day with about fifteen cars ready for the run and picnic.

The run there was very pleasant and an opportunity to see the trees in their autumnal colours and small villages tucked away in the Hampshire country side. We were given pride of place in front of the house and it was not long before we attracted visitors to the house to have a look over our pride and joys.

We received a very warm welcome from the staff and were shown an area where we could have our picnic. During the picnic we were joined by Paul and Dorothy who own a 1951 MGTD, which used to be owned by Reg Harris and was used in winning the RAC rally in 1952 as part of an MG team.

We all spent an wonderful afternoon looking around the gardens and house, with some of the most friendly guides I have ever come across, so a big thank you to all the staff who made our visit so memorable. Of course the day would not be complete without tea and cake, so we ended up in the house café where Roger and I had the most enormous piece of cake I have ever seen and one I am not going to live down in a long time!

Andy Harris

Pumpkin Run
Saturday 17 October 2009

Watercress Line Steam Railway - Run & Picnic
Sunday 13 September 2009

Our visit to the Watercress Line started early when I arrived half an hour before departure, which is unknown for me. No sooner had I arrived then the first two MG’s turned up, two beautiful MGC’s and before long I was joined by a number of ‘F’s, TF’s, ZR’s, MGB’s and an MGBGT. These were shortly followed by two MGA’s, Two MGTD’s and another two MGC’s. In all there were sixteen of us.

In true MGOC tradition we all had route instructions and most of us did not follow them, which added to the excitement with our convoy losing and picking up members during the drive. But eventually we all arrived at Ropley station to join in their steam weekend event and parked up on the main field over looking the track. We were joined by another couple in a ZS who just happened to see us as we arrived and come over to join us and say hello.

We spent a few nice hours watching all things steam and having a picnic in the nice warm September sunshine. We then journeyed home in different directions with a number of us stopping at a suitable watering hole!

Andy Harris

South Downs Run
Sunday 6 September 2009

Soft-Top Sunday
Goodwood Breakfast Club - Sunday 2 August 2009

We gathered in Sainsbury’s carpark in Chichester at the unearthly hour of 8.00am on a Sunday to join a few other people at the Goodwood Breakfast Club for their Soft-Top Sunday.

About ten of us set off and it was not long before we realised just how popular it was as the sun began to shine and we joined an ever growing queue waiting to enter the track, but it was worth the wait.

We joined in the order of three hundred plus cars parking in the pits, all car parks and both sides of the track, covering from Madgewick corner to Lavant Straight.

But what a day, the sun shone and we took about three hours to drawl over so many wonderful cars, from Ferrari’s to some magnificent MG’s including a VA tourer.

Once our eye could take no more we drove up to Midhurst to a fantastic BBQ at the Spread Eagle.

What a day, great cars, great food and great company, our thanks to Peter for arranging the BBQ.

Andy Harris

Amberley Chalk Pits - Classic Car Day
Sunday 26 July 2009

On Sunday 26th July the club met at the outstandingly beautiful hilltop car park at Houghton, before going to the Classic Car Day at Amberley Chalk Pits Museum.

This is a delightful venue for an MG outing. The museum exhibits everything you could imagine from our rural and industrial past from early radios, TVs, telephones and household goods to major industrial artefacts, buses, fire engines, steam trains and buildings.

We had a nice meal in the restaurant and rode on the old train and classic bus, before feasting on the huge selection of classic cars. MGs were represented by TDs, TFs, MGAs and Bs. We even found one of our own members, Jamie Brown, prouding exhibiting his MGB GT. "Aussie Pete" seemed more interested in the nearby Sinclair C5. It takes all sorts!

There were many car marques from the past, including Riley, Jaguar, Sunbeam, Hillman, Austin/Morris, Rover, Humber and Singer. A wonderful blast from our proud past.

Jim Strudwick

Epsom Run
Sunday 19 July 2009

Well MG Group, Hampshire Visit
Thursday 2 July 2009

Trev and Di are regular members of Chichester MGOC and make the trek across country from their home near Basingstoke. They also run an MG club in Well and asked us if we would like to join them on one of their meetings.

So on a nice clear July evening ten cars set off from Chichester to meet Trev's group. After some confusion on the map (sorry guys, what can you expect from an area sec.!!!) eventually we all arrived safely.

We were warmly welcomed by the other members and took the chance to look at some really nice MG's including Colin's PA. Entertainment was also provided by another classic car group meeting at the next village, so pint in hand, chatting about MGs and watching old Austins and various other cars driving down the small road pass the pub, what could be better! More entertainment was provided by Mark, who is a good six-feet tall trying to fit in a PA!

At the end of the evening we all said our farewells and started the journey home. We look forward to joining the group again at future events and making this trip an annual one. My thanks to Trevor and Di for making the evening so very enjoyable.

Andy Harris

A delightful sunny day and early evening, meant that for our 2nd July meet, it encouraged a lot of our members, to arrive before our normal 7.00pm start, with their classic cars, Ready for the arrival of the members from the "Chichester MGOC" with their broad range and ages, of classic and modern classic cars.

Trev - Well MG Group

Bluebell Run
Sunday 14 June 2009

Sunday afternoon saw us meeting at The Bull’s Head, Fishbourne for Vicki & Jon’s Bluebell run (unfortunately the only blue bell I saw was attached to a bicycle which I overtook?).

We set off in convoy along with a nice couple visiting us from Well MG Group, in a tartan red B. The best colour for a B (no debates).

A two-and-half hour run in glorious weather through the West Sussex leafy lanes and by-ways, through picture-postcard villages, past thatched cottages and cosy pubs, until we arrived at the hilltop Highdown Gardens where a cream tea was the order of the day plus a stroll amongst the sweet heady smelling roses of the gardens.

A perfect day driving an MG with the company of other enthusiasts in beautiful weather, that took me back to a time when politicians were seen as honest and the only time I left a carbon footprint was when I stood on a pencil?

Well done all and Vicki and Jon for the route.

Tony Hannam '69 B Tartan Red of course!!

MG Bear’s New Forest Run Report
Sunday 7 June 2009

Two years ago, the New Forest Run was the first rally I had ever been on, and it encouraged me to participate in more events. I wasn’t disappointed then, and this year proved to be no exception. To a hungry bear with a hungry tummy, catering is everything, and I’ve always been hugely impressed with the planning and organisation the Southampton & New Forest MGOC provides for this event at the starting field in Copythorne, in terms of bacon butties, coffee, and a packed lunch included in the entry fee.

The New Forest is a beautiful bit of countryside, and this year’s run took full advantage, 83 miles of winding backwards and forwards through the forests, coppices, across the heathland, and through the fords (lots of water this year!) Excellent route guide, with diagrams and points of interest for those so inclined. Things went a little bit awry for us in the last few miles though, a closed road on the route provided a moment of panic amongst some, but the detour was clearly marked. It did mess with my mileage though, which had remained perfect until this point.

A brief but heavy shower caused an emergency stop to raise the roof, and deflate more than our spirits, as arriving at the finish at Exbury Gardens just minutes later we discovered our first ever puncture. Many thanks to Trev from the Well MG Group for helping us out with a quick change. The finish at Exbury is usually a bit of an event in itself, with raffles and discounted garden entry, but with the rain apparently more set, and the prospect of a 50mph drive home on a temporary tyre, we called it a day and set off. Despite our misfortunes this event remains one of our firm favourites, and we will be back next year for more.

Brooklands Museum Website

Brooklands Museum
Sunday 17 May

On Sunday 17th May, ten of our most fearless and adventurous members braved the horrendous rain to visit Brooklands Aero and Motor Museum.

We were led by "Aussie" Pete, who reckoned he knew the route better than us mere "Poms". Being responsible MG drivers, we drove carefully in convoy, to the disgust of other drivers who thought they were on the Brooklands track.

We had an interesting, if chilly day, looking at the vintage and veteran cars on display, including some well maintained MGs, had a nice lunch together, then went onto some interesting airliners, including the Sultan of Oman's somewhat gold-plated personal plane and a real Concord aircraft.

Before leaving, we visited the shop and stocked up on pictures, a DVD on the history of the Brooklands track (maybe a club showing in the winter?) and the famous Brooklands Bears, either with goggles and racing overalls or leather flying jackets, just begging us to be taken to loving MG homes.

A long, but enjoyable day with friends.

Jim Strudwick

Pride of Longbridge Rally
Saturday 18 April 2009

This event was organised by the Austen ex-apprentice Association and was to be a celebration of British cars five years after the closure of the Longbridge plant.

So those of us who felt like taking on the three-hour trip to Birmingham met very early on the Saturday for the drive up to the rally. We arrived at the Hopwood services from where we were to join in the Convey to Longwood. On arriving we found an array of different cars and it was really nice to see some of the forgotten models, such as the Allegro and Maestro Owners Club.

I am very pleased to say that MG was well represented with many models from MG 1100 to ZT. We were expecting an organised convoy to begin, but in the end it was more a case of a steady stream of cars leaving the service station.

After an eventful drive, where I got lost twice (My thanks to Mick for guiding me back!). We arrived at the site just opposite the main factory gates. It was sad to see so much of the old MG Rover plant now just flattened land, but the MG group flag is flying in the middle of it all, like a phoenix from the ashes and with a number of new TF LE500’s waiting to be delivered, you feel there is hope for the future.

We were parked up in models, so it was a chance to see what other owners have done to their cars. There were lots of old favourites, such as Austin A35’s and Sevens and a few unusual ones such as the Maxis and the Land Crab Owners Club (Austin, Morris and Wolseley 1800/2200). It was so encouraging to see young owners of Rovers and MG’s and their modifications, such as the ZR with Gull wing doors!

The other interesting factor was that so many of the visitors looking round the rally were ex-employees and could tell you about how the models were made and a few tricks that were learnt on the production line! I saw one Mini owner have his carburettor stripped out and re-built; I bet he never expected that!

So after a few hours of chatting and looking around it was time to say goodbye and start our home return journey, after making a number of new friends.

Andy Harris

Arundel Castle Gathering
Sunday 5 April 2009

We were up early and gave the ZR the once over before setting off to the castle.

Jamie and I were put on the front gate and were very glad to have been put there, meeting the MG's as they turned up. At one point they were queued back into the town. Some two-hundred cars passed though the gates.

At 12.00 p.m. Jamie and I went around the castle and grounds, ending up on the lower lawn. It was a great view coming out of the castle and down the path to see MG's, new and old, with their owners picnicking and mixing with each other.

To end the day off some of us went to The Winterton Arms for a bite to eat.

Thank you Andy and the team for a great day and also thanks to Joe and Ivan for the food.

Must go as we need to find the after-sun…….

Nick and Jamie

The sun shines once more for the annual 1006 MGOC Arundel Gathering.

The sun shone once more this year at Arundel after the rain showers that we had last year. As I write on a dull Easter Sunday I think to myself how lucky we were to have had the previous weekend!

This year there was heavy competition from other classic car events such as at the nearby Amberley Chalkpits Museum, the Goodwood Breakfast meet, in Chichester and of course at Brooklands. However, Arundel still proved a popular event, by managing to attract 210 MG’s of all ages and types. Many southern clubs were again well represented, and I think that I mentioned in a previous Arundel article that the MGF and TF are now as popular with owners as is the MGB. It was also nice to see a large array of more modern saloons such as the ZR, ZS and ZT – possibly a classic of the future?

But without a doubt one of the stars of this year’s event was Jim Collier’s 1933 MG J1 Salonette one of only approximately 50 made. The J1 was the four seat car in the 1930s J-Type range. The engine was the 847 cc unit previously seen in the C-type with twin SU carburetors giving 36 bhp. When new, the car cost £220 in open form and £225 in Salonette form. Jim is only the third owner of the car since 1976 and has restored the car himself. I would say that this is rarest and oldest MG I have ever seen and we were most privileged to have Jim’s car at Arundel this year.

As always it was nice to have the traditional lunchtime picnic by the cars and enjoy the lovely surroundings that make Arundel Castle such a stunning setting for this annual event. After a spot to eat, it was very nice walk around the grounds of the Castle, and view all the cars and owners that had made their way to Arundel; this is always a pleasure as we always see someone that we know and it is good time to catch up with all the car gossip! As always time does rush past and before long it was time to pack up our cars and head off for home. But never mind, another enjoyable event is not far away with the Pride of Longbridge event just two weeks away. The 1006 will be sending up a convoy of cars to this spectacular event.

Finally, thanks as always must go to Andy and all the 1006 members who helped with the organisation and ensured that all vehicles went to their designated places safely. Again, big thanks to the Duke of Norfolk and his staff who gave us the usual very friendly welcome and for such a very enjoyable day. Once again, I am sure that next year will be just as enjoyable with even more cars and I hope you have already ordered a sunny day again Andy!

Jamie Brown

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum
Sunday 15 March 2009

Royal Armouries Run
Sunday 22 February 2009

We always get a name for finding good weather at our events and the visit to the Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill was no exception. We arrived on a lovely sunny February afternoon and the first thing we saw were the magnificent views across Portsmouth city and the harbour, if fact Noel said he could see the Purbrook hills some thirty miles away.

My thanks go to Pete Smith for arranging the visit and organising us to park inside the fort in an area which they reserve for VIP’s, or should that be VIC's (Very Important Cars!!!).

Six cars came along and we had time to explore the fort. I was amazed at the quality of the refurbishment and could have spent all day just looking at the tunnels, which used to house the ammunition and gun emplacements.

A very good notice-board system tells you all you need to know about how the fort was used over the last three centuries. When leaving the tunnels there is an excellent museum housing every conceivable fire-arm you can imagine, from pistols to cannon in every size and shape. In fact the site is so big we only saw each other once in a while as we strolled around!

When we came to leave we were waved off with a cheery smile from the museum team and once again our thanks go to everyone who made the visit possible.

Andy Harris

1006 MGOC Goodwood Trackday
Saturday 14 February 2009

Another year and another trackday, and what brilliant weather it was again this year! Despite the ongoing recession I was quite amazed at the attendance this year, there were lots of different MG’s from many different ages and backgrounds. This year for the first time I took my own MG ZS 180 around the track and what fun that was!

As usual there was a noise test that all vehicles must pass before being allowed to go onto the circuit and then the drivers briefing. The briefing is compulsory for all drivers and passengers going onto the circuit. It gives drivers a very important insight into the rules of the circuit and where best to overtake and what side of the track to keep to. Instructors were on hand for beginners. As this was my first trackday I thought it would be wise to take an instructor around with me. This in my opinion was a very sensible decision because Goodwood is a very fast circuit with lots of very fast corners that can catch even the most experienced drivers out. Once I had had my instruction, I was out on the track and enjoying Goodwood in my own car for the very first time. There were approximately 25 cars in the morning session and 30 cars in the afternoon session.

At the end of the morning session there was the parade lap which for £10 gives owners the chance to experience the track at more moderate speeds. All funds were donated to the St Josephs Night Shelter project. This year 62 cars of all ages participated in the parade lap. The cavalcade was led out by Dick Immings’s MGC Roadster which was actually built 41 years to the day on the 14th February 1968.

After a quick stop for lunch, a similar afternoon session began. Throughout the afternoon I was able to look through the vast array of MG’s in the paddock area - meeting owners and exchanging stories. Time seemed to fly by and soon enough the afternoon session was over and it was time to go home. What a shame but never mind a really nice day was had by all, and we had lots of photos to remember it by.

Many thanks again to Andy for organising a wonderful day and to Annie and Jim for their help in selling tickets, registering drivers and making sure everyone knew where they were going! Let’s hope that next year (the 5th anniversary) is equally enjoyable as this year. Looking forward to the next 1006 event which will be at Arundel Castle on Sunday 5th April!

Jamie Brown

New Year's Day Run 2009 – Old to New
We started the day with a great lunch at The Bulls Head in Fishbourne, our home for the past six years, and as ever we were not disappointed with a hearty lunch. It was a sad farewell as we left the pub, but this was soon dispelled as some fourteen MG’s were ready to blow away those cobwebs and let the wind blow through their hair! Well in fact most of us had our hoods up, but a great big well done to Trevor and Tracey who did have their hood down!

Now for those of you who don’t know, I have a little habit of spelling village names wrong or adding the occasional left when I meant right in the route instructions! It took all of five minutes for some members to point out that I had the first turning wrong!!!

But undeterred we pushed on, leaving The Bulls Head behind and heading out towards Midhurst, passing landmarks such as the country house of Uppark and winding our way through a number of picturesque villages nestled in the quiet of the sleepy downs on a cold crisp January day. As we left Harting we saw some wonderful views of Harting Down as we leisurely drove down towards Cocking. I still get a thrill after almost six years as people stop and wave or just watch with pleasure as a stream of MG’s pass them by.

>We finished our run heading towards The Slindon Estate and our new home of The Winterton Arms. We were welcomed by Joe and Ivan, also MG owners, with hot tea and coffee or beer for those passengers who did not have to worry about driving. We all ended up spending lots of time chatting about and planning what we will be up to in 2009. So we ended the run on a high…. a new home and an exciting 2009 spanning out before us.

Andy Harris